Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sorry, can't hear you over the waves and the pelicans...

Yes, North Carolina is gorgeous at this time of year. Get this--average temperature is still in the high 70s, and the water is also somewhere in the 70s, warmer than I have ever felt it in Nova Scotia, but the season here is over? It ends at Labour Day. You can't buy a pair of sandals or a bathing suit anywhere! It's insane, they're so spoiled by the 80+ degree water and the 90+ degree air in July and August that they think it's cold right now! Wish I could show you photos, but we can't get the camera to talk to this computer. Anyway, just imagine this--we were using boogie boards to catch some waves, watching the fish jump out of the waves, the pelicans dive bomb the fish and the DOLPHINS were there too! I love this place, I may not come home!

Oh yeah, and at the airport in Halifax we saw Don Cherry. While The Boy was unimpressed, His Dad had his photo taken. That was when we were all still happy, before the missed connection in Dulles, the rerouting through Charlotte, the arrival in Raleigh after midnight, the car rental place closing at 11, and having to spend the night at the Holiday Inn before driving to Wilmington. Oh well, once we hit the beach, we forgot all that stressful stuff.

Tomorrow we pack up the race car and head to VIR where we will be staying at the Lodge. Anyway, I think it will be fun this time, I quite enjoy being considered part of the pit crew!

Oh, I do wish I had pictures of Wrightsville Beach to show you. Google it, please, it's gorgeous. They filmed Dawson's Creek here, and One Tree Hill. We may get to see a bit more of the state this time too, The Boy wants to go here, while His Dad wants to go here, both of which are quite close together, although about a six hour drive or so from here.

Sorry, no knitting content whatsoever!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Meet Fred...

Fred is a finger puppet from the IWK. I did not knit Fred, we picked him up on one of The Boy's trips to the hospital. Anyway, it seems that now that Fred has left the IWK, his puppet friends who didn't get to come home with us are lonely. Seems that a lot of their puppet friends have gone home with children and never come back. They're looking for kind and generous knitters to create more little finger puppets to donate to the hospital. Look at Fred's sad little face! How can you refuse to knit finger puppets to send to the children's hospital?

Ask me one day about The Boy's trip to emergency. This is the other puppet that resulted from The Boy's trip to emergency, which might give you an idea of why we were there!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Words of Wisdom

"If it has sprinkles on it, it's a cupcake".
-The Boy, September 10th, 2006


I have two words to say about Pacafiesta:

Cashmere goats. I want them.

Wait, that's 5 words. I have 5 words to say about Pacafiesta.

Cashmere goats. I want them.

PS sorry the photos are all blurry. Neither goats nor children like to stand still long enough for a flash to kick in!