Wednesday, January 04, 2006

When did knitting become cool?

It seems that blogging your knitting is now a cool thing to do. Not sure when that happened (it certainly wasn't cool way back when I learned to knit!), but I'm going to give it a shot myself. I'll start with this photo, which is the picture we sent out in our Christmas cards this year. I knit this from a ewecanknit pattern (Here, or you can see some of her patterns here) with yarn I bought before The Boy was born. It's great, because the neckline is nice and loose to fit over his big head! The yarn is Pingoin, from my LYS.

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Ariannah Armstrong said...

I hear ya... I learned how to knit when I was pre-school age, and I would take my knitting and work with it obsessively in my teens and 20s, even then I got the eyerolls. Now, people are all smiles about it.

Not that I've ever paid much attention to "fashion" or trends or what's in or out (too high-maintenance a thing to pay attention to haha), but suddenly I look around, and other people are knitting too! That's cool!