Monday, April 30, 2007

I made a new friend...

I had a meeting on Friday. We got out a little bit early, so another knitting librarian and I made a pilgrimage of sorts. You see, she lives on the Halifax side too, but unlike me, isn't lucky enough to work in Dartmouth. So yes, our pilgrimage was to Tangled Skeins. Where I made some new friends. They were so cute! Some of them even followed me home! Can I keep them, please, pleeeease, can I keep them?

Aren't they just the cutest?

In other news, The Boy needs a haircut.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stephen Harper is on facebook!

Yes, it seems that our prime minister is on facebook. At least three times. Oh, and the premier is his friend. Well, friend to one of the Stephen Harpers anyway. And they both have more friends than George Bush. Well, some of the George Bushs at least. There's only one Hillary Clinton though, and she has them all beat hands down with almost 20 000 friends.

Facebook is highly entertaining.

I should really be knitting instead. Nearly done a pair of socks, birthday knitting, deadline April 29th. Almost through the gusset on the second sock. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meme from the Ninja, who got it from someone else

Meme swiped from the Ninja .

james brown or marvin gaye?
James Brown

chinese or indian takeout? Indian

fleece or knitted blanket? woven, cotton

girls with makeup or without? Without

costco or whole foods? Never been to Whole Foods, but it can't be worse that Costco, so I'm going to say Whole Foods.

wildflowers or arrangements? Wildflowers.

tradition or shakeups? Probably tradition.

cello or trumpet? Cello.

watch-wearing or no? Can't remember the last time I wore a watch, so no. Definitely no. However, I need my cell phone to tell me what time it is.

salt water or fresh (for swimming)? Saltwater if it's warm and Caribbean. Actually, salt water or swimming pool. Fresh water lakes in NS creep me out--I hate that thing where you can't see your feet when you're standing in the water, cause it's all brown. Creepy.

pants or shorts? Pants.

chatspeak or absolutely NOT? sorry, what? Can you repeat the question, I'm not cool enough to understand?

digital camera or old-school? Both. Digital is great, but we haven't had a single photo printed since we got one, so we need to take the old-school photos or we'd have no proof of anything!

wireless or plugged in? Plugged in.

waltz or tango? Waltz.

brian williams or anderson cooper? Brian Williams. Just cause Canada rocks.

time or newsweek? Time.

waterbed or mattress? King sized mattress.

cream and sugar or not? Milk and sugar. No cream, no way, not in tea!

CNN or BBC News? BBC. The accents take me back to my childhood.

iTunes or something else? something else--winamp with an ipod plugin. I hated how iTunes would do stuff to my computer without permission.

scented candles or unscented? Unscented. If I want scent, I'll sniff the costco sized bottle of pure vanilla extract in the kitchen.

prairie or mountain? Sea and coast. As long as it's got the sea, it can be mountain or prairie.

socks or barefoot? Socks in winter, barefoot in summer. I spent almost 8 years in Haiti only wearing shoes to go to school, and only wearing socks for phys ed. But that just doesn't work well in Canada!

matt damon or ben affleck? Neither. Jennifer Garner--she's a rockin' breastfeedin' mama, too bad the baby is Ben's.

brass or pewter? Copper.

wool or cotton? Depends what for. Cotton for underwear, wool for outerwear.

willow tree or pine? Willow.

gerald ford or jimmy carter? Jimmy Carter.

france or italy? Haven't been to Italy. Normandy was wonderful though. Can I say Normandy?

electric or gas stove? electric. I grew up with gas and it scared me!

thrift store or outlet? Thrift store. It's anti-consumerist, and environmentally conscious. Plus, if you wear something from a big name designer but you bought it at the thrift store, you get to be cool and ironic at the same time. That's like uber cool. Plus the whole cheap thing appeals to me on some very basic level. Yes, I am Scottish, why do you ask?

japanese garden or english garden? English. No, wait, Scottish.

sophia loren or liz taylor? Oh. Do I have to choose? Freddie Mercury.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Information Morning Listeners Unite!

Okay, if anyone reading this is a listener of Information Morning, you need to go to Facebook, sign up if you have to, and then add Don Connolly to your friends list. Anyone else been paying any attention to this? Our premier Rodney is on facebook--the media have been poking a little bit of playful fun at him. Don needs to out-friend the premier! Come on, you know you listen to Information Morning, admit it, it's a great show! Get out there and facebook-befriend Don. Do it now!

Update: Well, the premier is winning handsdown. Even though he's got staff looking after his facebook site, so you're not really the premier's friend. Sorry guys who think the prmier is their friend, it's just some office staff accepting your request!

false advertising

Okay, I decided to call a new place for pizza today. It's on Quinpool Road. I checked out the yellow pages and the website for this place, and both say "free delivery". When we order a pizza, we just get a medium--The Boy doesn't eat that much. So I place my order, ask for delivery, and I'm told that there's a $15 minimum charge before taxes for delivery. This isn't in their yellow pages ad. It's not on their website. No conditions in either of those places, no "minimum order applies" or anything , just "free delivery". So, I'm starting to feel like Mrs. Yes, but I think I'll be e-mailing their corporate office about this. I'm actually surprisingly annoyed!

Anyway, I'm not going to name them, I'll gave them a chance to at least admit that they're wrong (because we all know I'm never wrong!). But, if anyone has eaten at the new place on Quinpool that is named after two guys, let me know if I'm missing something good, would you?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Meegie started it...

People shouldn't link to things in Cafe Press. It's so easy to get sidetracked. My favourite Henry shirt would be this one. Followed by this one. But most definitely not this one.

And I spent last night home along getting to know my new digital cable. We have all the digital channels free for two months as well. BBC Canada is my new best friend. Did you all know that Colin and Justin have a wedding show??? I mean honestly, Colin, Justin, a wedding, what more could one want?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Birthday Boy

On Good Friday, The Boy got to be The Birthday Boy for a day.

That's him after his birthday party. My baby is now 4. I'm not sure how that happened, because it certainly wasn't four years ago that I gave birth. No way, I won't believe it. And it certainly wasn't snowing, that's for sure--I'm pretty sure it was spring when The Boy was born, I remember walking to the hospital without my coat on. However, this is what we did this birthday weekend.



Yes, that's how far you go if you take a pair of downhill skis and bolt them onto something like this

It's known locally as the Death Sled (mark II--mark I was based on a GT Snowracer with even longer downhill skis, and I don't know what happened to it!), and that's what you find in your back yard if you're 4 and your Uncle C is an engineer. The co-creators of the Death Sled, Uncle C and his good buddy Steve, are now responsible adults (or at least pretending to be responsible--they are both, after all engineers) with families of their own, so the Death Sled has been passed onto the next generation. Well, at least this generation has been brought up wearing helmets!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'd like to point all you knitterly types to this page. Be sure to watch the video as well, it's certainly worth a giggle.