Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Birthday Boy

On Good Friday, The Boy got to be The Birthday Boy for a day.

That's him after his birthday party. My baby is now 4. I'm not sure how that happened, because it certainly wasn't four years ago that I gave birth. No way, I won't believe it. And it certainly wasn't snowing, that's for sure--I'm pretty sure it was spring when The Boy was born, I remember walking to the hospital without my coat on. However, this is what we did this birthday weekend.



Yes, that's how far you go if you take a pair of downhill skis and bolt them onto something like this

It's known locally as the Death Sled (mark II--mark I was based on a GT Snowracer with even longer downhill skis, and I don't know what happened to it!), and that's what you find in your back yard if you're 4 and your Uncle C is an engineer. The co-creators of the Death Sled, Uncle C and his good buddy Steve, are now responsible adults (or at least pretending to be responsible--they are both, after all engineers) with families of their own, so the Death Sled has been passed onto the next generation. Well, at least this generation has been brought up wearing helmets!


Cate said...

That looks way too fun! I gotta make me one of those!

Steph said...


*insert sound of running here!*


thud thuD thUD tHUD THUD


THUD THUd THud Thud thud


Miss Me said...

that looks like FUN! and it's environmentally friendly - reduce, reuse, recycle...

Anonymous said...

Death sled rocks. We are so building something like that for our hypothetical kid someday.

Happy birthday, Boy!

Lesley said...

That sled is awesome!!

The Boy's party was lots of fun, my kids were good and tuckered out afterward.

Alison said...

Hey Moe, maybe your hypothetical kid can come over and play on the death sled with The Boy's hypothetical little brother Trevor!

fififolle said...

Aw, great pics! The Boy looks well happy. (As does House Man) I realised I needed to sign up in order to keep track of all the goings on! Look at Henry, that was awesome :D So I gave in and have a blog, hahaha. Thing is, I was hoping for e-mail notification, but I didn't really understand all the options, so I've taken a live feed thing. Wonder how that will work... heehee.