Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meme from the Ninja, who got it from someone else

Meme swiped from the Ninja .

james brown or marvin gaye?
James Brown

chinese or indian takeout? Indian

fleece or knitted blanket? woven, cotton

girls with makeup or without? Without

costco or whole foods? Never been to Whole Foods, but it can't be worse that Costco, so I'm going to say Whole Foods.

wildflowers or arrangements? Wildflowers.

tradition or shakeups? Probably tradition.

cello or trumpet? Cello.

watch-wearing or no? Can't remember the last time I wore a watch, so no. Definitely no. However, I need my cell phone to tell me what time it is.

salt water or fresh (for swimming)? Saltwater if it's warm and Caribbean. Actually, salt water or swimming pool. Fresh water lakes in NS creep me out--I hate that thing where you can't see your feet when you're standing in the water, cause it's all brown. Creepy.

pants or shorts? Pants.

chatspeak or absolutely NOT? sorry, what? Can you repeat the question, I'm not cool enough to understand?

digital camera or old-school? Both. Digital is great, but we haven't had a single photo printed since we got one, so we need to take the old-school photos or we'd have no proof of anything!

wireless or plugged in? Plugged in.

waltz or tango? Waltz.

brian williams or anderson cooper? Brian Williams. Just cause Canada rocks.

time or newsweek? Time.

waterbed or mattress? King sized mattress.

cream and sugar or not? Milk and sugar. No cream, no way, not in tea!

CNN or BBC News? BBC. The accents take me back to my childhood.

iTunes or something else? something else--winamp with an ipod plugin. I hated how iTunes would do stuff to my computer without permission.

scented candles or unscented? Unscented. If I want scent, I'll sniff the costco sized bottle of pure vanilla extract in the kitchen.

prairie or mountain? Sea and coast. As long as it's got the sea, it can be mountain or prairie.

socks or barefoot? Socks in winter, barefoot in summer. I spent almost 8 years in Haiti only wearing shoes to go to school, and only wearing socks for phys ed. But that just doesn't work well in Canada!

matt damon or ben affleck? Neither. Jennifer Garner--she's a rockin' breastfeedin' mama, too bad the baby is Ben's.

brass or pewter? Copper.

wool or cotton? Depends what for. Cotton for underwear, wool for outerwear.

willow tree or pine? Willow.

gerald ford or jimmy carter? Jimmy Carter.

france or italy? Haven't been to Italy. Normandy was wonderful though. Can I say Normandy?

electric or gas stove? electric. I grew up with gas and it scared me!

thrift store or outlet? Thrift store. It's anti-consumerist, and environmentally conscious. Plus, if you wear something from a big name designer but you bought it at the thrift store, you get to be cool and ironic at the same time. That's like uber cool. Plus the whole cheap thing appeals to me on some very basic level. Yes, I am Scottish, why do you ask?

japanese garden or english garden? English. No, wait, Scottish.

sophia loren or liz taylor? Oh. Do I have to choose? Freddie Mercury.

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Miss Me said...

even the thought of wool underwear made me scratch!