Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Information Morning Listeners Unite!

Okay, if anyone reading this is a listener of Information Morning, you need to go to Facebook, sign up if you have to, and then add Don Connolly to your friends list. Anyone else been paying any attention to this? Our premier Rodney is on facebook--the media have been poking a little bit of playful fun at him. Don needs to out-friend the premier! Come on, you know you listen to Information Morning, admit it, it's a great show! Get out there and facebook-befriend Don. Do it now!

Update: Well, the premier is winning handsdown. Even though he's got staff looking after his facebook site, so you're not really the premier's friend. Sorry guys who think the prmier is their friend, it's just some office staff accepting your request!


FrozenExtremities said...

Poor Don's not going to know what hit him! His inbox will be swamped!
I added him.

Alison said...

Oh, it looks like his kids have started a facebook group to get people to add Don as their friend. But the premier's still waaaay ahead!