Thursday, August 24, 2006

This time with pictures

Okay, I have successfully recharged rechargeable batteries (wouldn't think it was that hard, would you?). Here are some pictures, to prove it!

This is my latest FO. This is a very simple lace, only two rows in the repeat, and it's called "Angel's Rest" from Fibre Trends. I continued two repeats down the top of the foot only, because I played with the original pattern and had an odd number or repeats, and couldn't figure out how to just do a partial repeat when it came time to divide for the heel stitches. That's Tangled Skeins merino.

And this is the lace scarf that was my last FO, months ago now, I think. See that tail hanging off the end? That was the end of the skein! It's old style Celestial Merino, which I think looks nicer than the new stuff.

The next two photos are my Knitpicks yarn. The blue is laceweight alpaca cloud in, I think, a colour called stream, while the lighter one is laceweight merino in a colour called oregon.

The merino colourway (ack!) is actually a lot more interesting than it looks in the photo. It's got lots of different, very subtle, colours in it. Anyway, together that's about 1600-1800 yards of yarn. For US $13, including shipping within the States (I shipped it to DH's SIL, and she brought it up for me). Shipping to Canada is either $6.99 for under $20 or $8.99 for over $20 (that's US dollars, of course!).

Last, but not least, the love of my life at a birthday party in Chester!

All these photos look better if you click on them to open them in a new window. Especially the one of The Boy!

I'm sorry...

I haven't blogged in ages. I'm sorry. You see, for the first time in my life (and that's longer than most of the KOL attendees have been alive), I've been affected by seasonal allergies. Honestly, I've NEVER had hayfever before, but this year it's been the bane of my existence. I never had much sympathy for allergy sufferers before (okay, your nose is running and you sneeze a lot, big deal, what's a little snot and the odd sneeze anyway?). Well, now I know. I suppose I deserve it for my formerly unsympathetic attitude. A constantly runny nose and endless sneezes really are unpleasant, and stressful, and make you feel very sorry for yourself. And I'm so darn tired cause it's hard to sleep when you're all stuffed up. Those of you out there with allergies, you now have my sympathy.

On the knitting front, no pictures. I took the camera batteries out to charge, left them charging all night, then realised they weren't rechargeables. Doesn't seem to have affected the charger, luckily, so I'm currently charging the real rechargeable batteries. I have finished a sock. My first FO since I can't remember when. Probably the lace scarf I knit with the celestial merino--when was that? At least 3 months ago. I have startitis and indecision and KADD (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder). I really need to be infected with finishitis--anybody got that? Is it contagious? Anyway, if I could just bring myself to cast on the second sock, I might get somewhere--the first finished sock isn't really an FO, not by itself anyway, although I did hear a rumour that the Garter Stitch Goddess found evidence of another KOL member wearing her first sock around the house while still knitting the second sock, so maybe a single sock can be useful in it's own right? Maybe you have cold foot, not cold feet? I don't know--lack of sleep is making me babble.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I AM a mazda!

You're sporty, yet practical, and you have a style of your own. You like to have fun, and you like to bring friends along for the ride, but when it comes time for everyday chores, you're willing to do your part.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I lied...

Yes, I did, I admit it. I lied about my stash. It doesn't suck. It has lots and lots of yarn, rubbermaid tubs full. Some that The Boy and His Dad don't even know about. Merino, silk, linen, alpaca, you name it, I have some. Chunky, worsted, sport, fingering, lace weight, there's some of each. I was just feeling sorry for myself. So, this is what my lying got me:

That's sock yarn folks. Gen-u-ine Italian sock yarn at that. Labelled in German (it's "waschmaschinenfest" and "garantiert filzfrei" people, really! Oh, and don't forget the "extra strapazierfahig". I always wanted strapazierfahig, and now I have extra!). Bought in Germany by the Ninja herself! Yes, that woman truly understands the value of yarn as comfort object. Ninja, you rock. Now that you know the truth about my stash, I am offering to return the sock yarn if you feel it was given under circumstances of false stash representation (stash misrepresentation?). But nothing can take away my knowledge that you cared enough to give yarn!

BTW, when I plug strapazierfahig into the translator I get "strain-able". Extra strainable yarn? Ninja, want to help me out here?