Thursday, August 24, 2006

This time with pictures

Okay, I have successfully recharged rechargeable batteries (wouldn't think it was that hard, would you?). Here are some pictures, to prove it!

This is my latest FO. This is a very simple lace, only two rows in the repeat, and it's called "Angel's Rest" from Fibre Trends. I continued two repeats down the top of the foot only, because I played with the original pattern and had an odd number or repeats, and couldn't figure out how to just do a partial repeat when it came time to divide for the heel stitches. That's Tangled Skeins merino.

And this is the lace scarf that was my last FO, months ago now, I think. See that tail hanging off the end? That was the end of the skein! It's old style Celestial Merino, which I think looks nicer than the new stuff.

The next two photos are my Knitpicks yarn. The blue is laceweight alpaca cloud in, I think, a colour called stream, while the lighter one is laceweight merino in a colour called oregon.

The merino colourway (ack!) is actually a lot more interesting than it looks in the photo. It's got lots of different, very subtle, colours in it. Anyway, together that's about 1600-1800 yards of yarn. For US $13, including shipping within the States (I shipped it to DH's SIL, and she brought it up for me). Shipping to Canada is either $6.99 for under $20 or $8.99 for over $20 (that's US dollars, of course!).

Last, but not least, the love of my life at a birthday party in Chester!

All these photos look better if you click on them to open them in a new window. Especially the one of The Boy!


Lesley said...

As usual, the boy looks good enough to eat. That scarf is gorgeous!!! I need to make myself something like that, I need a pretty neck thing.

Anonymous said...

Really cute picture of the boy - I love how kids genuinely feel so much excitement and joy at the simple things, like birthday parties and ice cream.

I agree the merino in the last picture is a very interesting colour in person - I will make a breathtaking something (shawl?).

Nice socks!

Ariannah Armstrong said...

The boy looks adorable!

Your KP yarn looks very knit-worthy, love the look of it!

Beautiful scarf.

meegiemoo said...

Mmmm...chocolate ice cream cone. Me like chocolate ice cream. (said in Cookie Monster voice)

Very cute kid!

Ninja Knitter said...

Awww - awesome pic of munchkin. And the yarn's pretty sweet too. The scarf is so pretty, and good on ya for knitting something for yourself! :)