Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Okay, I know I'm not a very good blogger...

I just noticed the last entry was dated April 1st. Not even May 1st, but April 1st. I blame the camera. I take lovely photos, but then never download them because the computer is in the basement (I'm doing this at work, very early in the morning. I really don't think I can start downloading photos from the camera at work though--they're going to wonder what I'm up to because nowhere does my job description involve digital photography!). Wait, no, I blame the computer for being in the basement. If it was upstairs in the living room, I might actually get around to transferring photos from the camera. Oh well.

I made the nice lady at my LYS cry yesterday. Made the other customer there laugh her head off. I told them the tragedy of the lightning bolt sweater. Yes, my first knitting tragedy. It got washed. The horror doesn't end there though. It then got put in the dryer. It's 100purewool from e-bay (ghetto malabrigo as the Ninja would say). Yes, it felted beautifully. But it won't fit a three year old anytime soon. Thanks to those ladies last night who informed my DH that the felting and shrinking of a hand knit sweater necessitates the conception of another child so that the sweater can have someone to fit! I think I already had him on side, but maybe the sweater arguement will really seal the deal!

Sorry, no photos of the tragedy. See my opening paragraph for my blame-shifting. However, I am over it. It's a new day, I'm wearing hand knit socks, and the yarn store has a sale on. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, the yarn store is a two minute walk from work! Yes, I can go every day at lunch time if I want to. For yarn therapy. Every library should have a yarn store so close.


Ninja Knitter said...

*weeps for the ghetto malabrigo*

It's ok. Take consolation in the notion that you'll just have a reason to go buy more wool now. ;)

Lesley said...

Oh Alison, everytime I think of the sweater my heart aches for you. Hopefully it will be the final straw on J's back to get you a baby #2!