Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you Mrs FE

Yes, thank you to Mrs. Frozen Extremities. She's the one that told me about Site Meter. And I'm addicted! Who is this mysterious IP address 24.222.223 in Bridgewater who checks my blog regularly? And who in Missouri was googling "Moe and Barbara Walker" and ended up on my blog? What do you think they were looking for anyway? And Morgan, someone from Uruguay came to my blog from your blog. Uruguay? And why would anyone check my blog every day anyway when a bloglines subscription can do it for you? Plus, my blog is pretty darn boring--even I don't look at it every day!

So many questions! So few answers! Please, Bridgewater Person, leave a comment and say hi. Oh, and PEI Person too, whoever you are!

Mrs. FE, it's all your fault I'm going crazy. I wish I'd never heard of Site Meter.

On the plus side, someone, somewhere actually reads this blog!


Anonymous said...

Who was looking for me and Barbara Walker? Is there another Moe in the world?

FrozenExtremities said...


Site meter is evil. Especially when you find out your employer had your blog screened for indecency.

Alison said...

Ack! Why is it their business if your blog is decent or not?