Sunday, May 27, 2007

linen, anyone?

I need some suggestions for what to do with some laceweight euroflax. I have lots. It was going to be a flower basket shawl, but now I think I'd rather have something rectangular, not another triangle. It's red, real red, deeper and redder than the berry red looks in the link (at least on this pc). Any suggestions?

Also, I've found a pattern for the fingerless mits that Rose wears during the tearful last episode of the second season of Dr. Who. Those of you who watched it, I'm sure you noticed those mitts. Anyway, that'll be my next project!


Knitman said...

You could make a stole? That is rectangular. It looks as if this yarn will be great for anything like that.

Anonymous said...

What about Eunny's Print 'o the Wave Stole? (free pattern on her blog)

I Love the Faceted Gems Wrap by Heartstrings as well:

I also found this the other day, whilst looking for stole patterns:

Cate said...

Sounds beautiful. What about this?

Cate said...

there should be a .html on the end of that link... sorry.

fififolle said...

I like the sound of the mitts!