Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A little bit of heaven

Update: Elann will post a credit to my account with them, which I can then spend at my leisure. So far, their customer service has been prompt and pleasant. And in Canada, which counts in their favour as well.

I-cord. About a foot or so. 5 minutes. Ignore the hot pink acrylic, that's the "practice yarn" that came with the machine. I received a gift certificate from for my birthday. This little gadget is the Bond Embellish Knit, and after I spent 10 minutes cursing at the instructions, I finally figured it out and cranked out this i-cord in about 5 minutes. Sadly, it doesn't take worsted, only up to about DK, based on this practice yarn. But what a timesaver! I also ordered this to complete my Walker Treasury collection.

Fiona, thank you, thank you, thank you! This little gadget is tons of fun!

And now for some gratuitous Boy content:

That's the aftermath of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends live on stage. Cam was there too:

Why, you ask, are those pictures so terrible? That was the result of cotton candy. They lost their ability to stand still for photos. And they seemed to be operating on fast forward! Lesley and Phil, sorry about that, but the walk back to the car after the show was entertaining to say the least! Those are the good pictures, here's a sample of the rest:

ETA: Darn thing broke two minutes after I posted this! We'll see what Elann's customer service is like now, since I've e-mailed them asking about returning it for a refund!


Lesley said...

No need to apologize to us...he crashed from his sugar high not long after you dropped him home.

It's YOU I feel bad for...two boys who are busy as it is, hopped up on sugar and confetti excitement, feeding off one another's hyperactivity....makes me tired just thinking about it!

The Ninja Knitter said...

So...I gotta ask...why do you need an i-cord machine?

fififolle said...

That's just typical, isn't it? I hope you got sorted out! I never did get the hang of those crochet things, LOL!

Jess said...

Neat little machine. I try to avoid I cord as much as possible, but maybe I wouldn't if I had a machine to do it for me. Have you heard back from them about the refund?

fififolle said...

Oh well, that's not so bad! Glad you got it sorted :)