Thursday, February 28, 2008

New reading material

Well, after the rather smug comment I made on Mrs. Yes's blog the other day, a parcel showed up in the mail. It seems I must have ordered books in my sleep, because I really am supposed to be on a yarn and book diet. Anyway, they came all wrapped up in brown paper with blue and purple ribbon, two free bookplates, and three packets of those black rubber stitch markers. I can highly recommend the customer service at The Needle Arts Book Shop!

Here are my purchases:

If you look closely, you'll see it says for kids 0-6. Luckily, The Boy is a bit on the small side, and Debbie Bliss's designs tend to be roomy, so despite the fact he's almost 5, there's lots in here that will fit him.

My second purchase is absolutely worth drooling over:

Has anyone seen this book before? It's lovely, wonderful, and absolutely inspiring. I think the next thing I make will be from here!


Miss Me said...

my boys are too big for the bliss sweaters, but those shawls and scarves look GORGEOUS!!!

Alison said...

Oh you should look inside. They're lovely. All the patterns are Faroese in style.

Lesley said...

Well well well.

You'll just have to let me take a peek at those now won't you.

Steph said...

Will those delightful books be joining you at KOL next week?

Alison said...

Steph, I could probably be convinced to bring them next week.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to see the shawl book too.

I'm smiling at the thought that you had an internet book buying binge and blacked it out.

fififolle said...

Oooh, pretty shawls.
*wonders if the kids would wear anything I knitted for them*

Alison said...

Fi, possibly if it didn't look like a hot water bottle cover, I'm sure that they would wear it! But get to them quickly before they're "too cool" for handknits! Socks and scarves and mittens would be a good place to start!