Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday...

The Boy had a birthday party this past weekend. There were some illustrious guests in attendance.

First, Cinderella graced us with her presence:

Of course, no party is complete without a dragon:

And just in case the dragon was an issue, the Good Fairy was there for when happy wishes needed granting:

There were a few pirates there, including Captain Jack Sparrow, but for some reason, they wouldn't stay still long enough to have their photos taken. Although they did successfully lead the hunt for treasure:

and find the pirate swag hidden in the back of my sister's car:

Okay, you say, get to the important stuff and tell us about the loot! Well, the haul was good, starting with this from Grannie and Grandpa in North Carolina:

and this from Auntie LaLa:

And a good old fashioned datsun from Uncle A-Rock (it's a 1971 Datsun 510 for those who care):

As for The Boy's behaviour on his birthday? Well, he did really well, only getting slightly over-excited when the other pirate arrived--swords were quickly confiscated. He did find the cake a little hard to resist, and swooped in for a quick lick after blowing out his candles. Needless to say, that was his piece!

As for me, well, I survived my baby turning 5. Helped a little, probably, by the knowledge that we will, if all goes well, be welcoming another baby into our family sometime in late October or early November. I had been keeping this a secret, but, you know, pregnant brain and all, I let it slip at work a few weeks ago. So I may as well make it public here. The working name for this baby is Trevor (after The Boy's imaginary baby brother) so that's going to be this baby's Blog Name. If Trevor ends up being a girl, I will need to come up with something else after she's born!


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear the name "Trevor" I think of a song by Mark Mckinney of Kids in the hall. It's a very angsty sarcastic song aimed at his ex-girlfriend Constance who is now with Trevor.

The Ninja Knitter said...

Happy Birthday to the boy! And a huge congratulations to your family on the baybee...let me know if you want some diapers and other baby stuff. Miss E has managed to outgrow her smalls already.

Miss Me said...

happy birthday to the boy! and congratulations to all of you on "trevor".

fififolle said...

Whee! Congratulations on the whole 'trevor' thing :D *facepalm* Is the Boy thinking this new arrival will be useful for sawing up logs in the orchard or something? :) He looks jolly pleased with that bike... It's a beaut. If it's a girl, you just do what they do over here, add 'ina'. Trevorina is a lovely name!

jak said...

Pirates and fairies and princesses? What a wonderful party!!

Congrats on new bebe *xoxo*