Sunday, March 26, 2006

100% acrylic

Okay, acrylic has a bad rap sometimes. It's great for messy little people like this:

Honestly, if that had been some expensive fibre, I'd never have let him wear it! With acrylic, he wore it daily, and it got washed almost as often. Okay, it's a little fuzzy, but that'll happen to anything that gets washed with the evil velcro! That's an old picture, almost two years ago. They grow so fast. That sweater, BTW, still fits, in a pinch. Although squeezing his head through the neckhole is a bit of a struggle. I could have used superwash, I suppose, but I don't completely trust superwash, it can be slippery stuff! That pattern is The Sweater Pattern. We call it that because I was given it by my MIL. She used it to knit for The Boy's dad--I think he got his first sweater from that pattern when he was 8! So I am carrying on a family tradition!


PS Don't you just want to squeeze those little cheeks? I'd forgotten he was that little, because he looks and sounds so grown up now.

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Ariannah Armstrong said...

Hey that's a cute sweater. And as much as I stuck my foot in my mouth about disliking knitting with acrylic (majorly sorry! - deep purple blush), I have made some cool things with it, and wouldn't object to working with it again.