Friday, March 17, 2006

They think it's amazing...

Honestly, this little sweater has received more compliments than any of the other sweaters I've made for The Boy. This one is also from "Top Down For Toddlers", and took no more than a week (that's a week of knitting only in the evenings after The Boy is asleep but before I fall asleep myself, which, believe me, really isn't that much later than he goes to sleep!). Anyway, it was a simple knit, although the cable looks complex (it's not, it's really a pretty standard cable), but this is probably the sweater with the highest ratio of compliments to hours worked that I've ever made. The yarn was half price Rowan cashsoft (cashmere, merino, and microfibre) in oatmeal and feels very nice. Although I wouldn't have bought it full price ($12.95 for 50 g!), half price was acceptable. Even so, one skein (90 m) had three knotted ends in it! I'd have been mad if I'd paid full price for that.

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