Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My excuses for not blogging much lately...

We are dogsitting:


I won't tell you how much he weighs, but he probably outweighs you. Easily outweighs any single founding member of KOL.


She just looks cute and innocent. She's actually like that kitten in the youtube funny cats video, the one that squeezes under the door. You know the one I mean? Yeah, no gate, no fence, no rope, nothing can keep her in. She must be free...


Mocha is a sweetie. She's just insane, that's all. Yes, truly, but in a happy way.

I'm dog-tired these days, because someone's not sleeping very well.

Hmm, I guess it's not the dogs. Mocha certainly looks comfortable enough.

Yeah, that's the one. He's been having nightmares. Last night it was about the carrots*. I guess they were coming to get him. As a parent, I can't tell you the horror that the words "mummy, the carrots, don't let them get me, the carrots, noooooo" can bring when they pierce through the night to awaken you from a sound sleep. Your heart stops and your blood runs cold. Carrots can be scary, you know.* I found the carrot monster here. Also check out the Love monster, the Woolen glove monster and the Chair monster. You'll think twice before you sit down again!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, dog. Three *cough* pups? And a boy, too?

You must be superwoman. I remember when I had just two dogs in the house for a week. All I can think of is:
1. That's a lot of poop.
2. That's a lot of hair.
3. That's a lot of walks.

Not to mention the midnight therapy to dissuade boy of his fear of root vegetables.

You poor thing.

Lesley said...

Hey, I can completely relate with The Boy. You just never know when your veggies (or in my case knitting needles) will turn on you.

fififolle said...

Aw, poor little soul. Those naughty evol carrots. You are very brave, dog-sitting. I'll stick to the fish, thanks ;)

Miss Me said...

does the boy have a white teddy bear? i don't know how well known this is but it is an accepted fact in our house that white teddy bears eat all manner of night monsters. little boys who sleep with white bears are always safe because the bears eat ANY scary night time beasts before they can get anywhere close to the little boys... in our house it has to be a white bear, but maybe the boy needs his own special guard bear?