Sunday, September 09, 2007

Look at this...

That's from Jan Messent's Knitted Gardens. Do have a look inside when you get to amazon. They have little knitted monks in there!

Oh, and this one:

Again, make sure you click on the search inside option. Lookit the little knitted knight, and the teeny knitted wizard!

Sadly, I do not own either of those. However, if anyone wants to knit teeny tiny animals and barns and bales of hay, I can lend you this one:

Again, have a look inside. There's a little mama slinging her little baby inside, and teeny tiny dogs and cats and chickens and horses and barns...oh my!

For those of you who don't read Lime and Violet's daily chum, I strongly recommend you add it to your bloglines. That's where I found out about Knitted Gardens, which of course lead me to other titles. Oh, and didn't you always want a turkey?


Jennifer said...

Yes! I've stumbled across these, as I was searching Amazon for something else! My daughter would absolutely love the barnyard one. No doubt about it. But do I want to knit those eentsy beentsy little things? Not sure.

I'm totally into the Lime and Violet podcast and daily chum! They're first rate enablers!

Lesley said...


It's good thing we're getting a new computer set up soo...because I just sprayed tea all over this one. Ya gotta warn people when you link to outrageous turkey!!

Miss Me said...

LOVE the turkey! wouldn't it be a perfect tea cozy with one of those (in my opinion) kitchsy turkey platters?!

Carrie Ellis said...

I love the cabbage growing in the garden.

These remind me of Jean Greenhowe
who has created a village full of characters.

Carrie Ellis said...

PS It was actually
Marti who noted the Jean Greenhowe similarty first. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot of tiny knitting. I love the farmyard!

Whoa. Turkey hat. I was so not ready to see that. I swear I jumped a little.

fififolle said...

Ah, see, now this is more my knitting cup of tea! LOL! Love these :D