Thursday, August 30, 2007

Done and blocking...

So it turns out that I don't have anywhere to block FOs that isn't needed for someone to sleep on.

Those are the cushions from the couch, moved to the floor. I could have left them on the couch, but that's where the cats like to sleep.

Looking more closely:

Please note the pedicured toes. That's I'm not really a waitress from Opi. Someone actually said that to me on Monday, "Is that I'm not really a waitress on your toes?" I think I have trendy toes.

And a closeup:

Carp. In my excitement I've managed to blur it.

This is one of the Diamonds on the Diagonal patterns from Ilga Leja. It's meant to be a scarf, but I've added repeats to make it wider, and used two skeins of Celestial Merino in bittersweet chocolate instead of one. I love the way that it looks, and I hope it's long enough. If it's not, I'll have to reblock it somewhere longer, which might mean House Man and I will have to sleep on the couch while the bed gets used for blocking!

And because I love them:

The Boy, Provincial Ex, Truro, 2007

House Man, portrait by The Boy, Provincial Ex, Truro, 2007


Steph said...

When the beds are otherwise occupied in my house I use an improvised blocking board:
Layer one: cardboard
Layer two: plastic
Layer three: beach towels
If the kitties decide that it's the cushions they really want, the carboard might be a solution.

Steph said...

Almost forgot: The scarf/shawl (sharf?) is beautiful. I'm going to miss watching you work on it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Did the cats try to sleep on it at all?


The Ninja Knitter said...

Oooooh. Nice job!

As for blocking, if there's no cat free surface available, I nab a couple of beach towels and layer them together. Block the thing on the towels and put the whole mess on top of the deep freezer to dry.

Alison said...

As of 8:30 this morning, the cats had left it alone. No deep freeze, so that's not an option, and the back of the couch isn't smooth enough. I used to just stick pins directly into the carpet, but we pulled up the carpet, so that's not an option any more either! However, this seems to be working. I'll find out when I go home tonight!

Lesley said...

You could always pin it out on your bed in the morning and then go out for the day, that should give an item lots of drying time.
Or get bunk beds. Cam's top bunk is really handy for blocking ;)

Alison said...

In the morning? Have you been to my house in the morning? We don't have time to pin out lace in the morning! We barely have time to eat breakfast. Not even on weekends (mostly cause on weekends, we're rushing around trying to catch up on all the stuff we didn't get done in the week!).

Marti said...

Sooo pretty! Foutons are good for blocking as well.

Lesley said...

Then I stand by my second recommendation of bunkbeds.

Anonymous said...

I usually just use beach towels in a pinch, if the guest bed isn't available.

LOVE it. So awesome. And versatile. It's like the new clapotis that way.

Jennifer said...


Ashley said...

Look how perfect each of your yarn overs are!
Not that it is a hard task, but they seriously appear to each be the same diameter. Pretty!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

WOW! Beeeautiful!