Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Harl-lot of fun in Halifax

Okay. The bad part about the Harlot visiting Halifax? I had more fun last night than I've had in ages but today at work, I couldn't tell anyone about it! Yes, I work with a library full of muggles, and they just would not have understood. Thank goodness I have the KOL girls to share this with. We may not have anything else in common, but we'll always have yarn! Have I told you before how much I love them all, despite how impatient they might be?

Okay, I'm not feeling particularly creative right now, so I'm just going to share my favourite pictures from the night.

A young knitter (Miss R.), enjoying herself immensely

Ladies, boobies forward

Gabriel, plum tuckered out

The mandatory picture of me and the Harlot (Stephanie, you are taller than me, I have like 2 inch soles on those shoes!).

I don't look that happy, but that's because Lesley blurred the first picture, where I really was smiling!

See what I mean?

Knitters out on the town: the Master and Commander (possibly not a knitter??), the Harlot, Hope and the Pharmaceutical Speed Knitter (I can't believe I actually caught her not knitting in this picture!)

The Ninja Knitter and Mrs. Happy having fun (I think they were having fun. Does that look like a fun face? I'm not really sure!)

And all who have been following her blog will be pleased to know that Mrs. Yes did regain the power of speech before the event

Jesslyn had fun too

Jesslyn, I said fun!

Much better!

Moe tried out the latest fad, invisible knitting

She's quite good at it!

Okay, I'm done. Somebody e-mail me a picture of all of us, would you? I didn't get one, because there were just too many cameras, it didn't seem fair to push the kindness of strangers too far!

Okay, stole it from Mrs. Happy. Thank you Mrs. Happy!

And Lesley redeemed herself with a picture of me that's both blur-free and smiley, taken with her own camera



Steph said...

Invisible knitting, eh? That would be SOOOOO handy during boring meetings.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so ALL the pictures of me are either:
1. Me sticking out my less than huge chest to make me look like chesty la rue.(ironically Jen D seems to be doing about the same, despite the three or four cup sizes between us. Clearly, the belly dancing chest lifts are paying off.)

2. Me picking my cuticles. I would like to pretend it is invisible knitting to save face, but no. I have the lovely habit of gnawing my fingernails and often am seen inspecting the damage.

ps. I think I would still like you if you didn't have yarn.

Alison said...

Moe, I determine my stress levels by the number of fingers that I'm gnawing on. Right now I'm a little more stressed, and I'm down to 60% fingernails, cause I'm chewing on 4. You are not alone.

Lesley said...

I have a really good pic of you and the Harlot. I will word verification was "retoe"

I like it. Retoe.

Kelly said...

Had I known I was standing beside you on more than one occassion I would have said HI :)
Sorry :)

Pharmaceutical Speed Knitter said...

Excellent photographic recap, C. (And I love my new name!)

Fortunately, one of my coworkers was at Harlot night, so I got to do a bit of squeeing when I got to work yesterday.

Deb, PSK said...

PS - No idea where the initial "C" came from. Feel free to edit my above comment and delete this one, A.

Cate said...

I wish I could have stuck around for the drinks with the Harlot afterwards. Then again, I probably would have just sat there and stared at my belly button. My conversation with The Harlot when she signed my book went something like "Hi, book, Cate, with a C" She carried the rest of it. Perhaps this is where My Sweet Girl gets her shyness from :)

The Ninja Knitter said...

I swear I'm not flipping anyone the bird in that photo. Really. Well, maybe not intentionally. my subconscious is a odd little thing.

Alison said...

Ha! Debbie, don't think it's the first time someone has subconsciously flipped me the bird ;-)

Jennifer said...

Invisible knitting! Hehe. Indeed, that IS the side of my head. I didn't mean to be so rude as to have my back turned like that!! You got some great pictures. It was so nice meeting all of you. I REALLY wish that I could attend some of your knit nights!

Dorothy said...

I came over from the Harlot's site. Love the photo of the impromptu battering ram.

Alison said...

Dorothy, I was going to thank you for your comment on your blog, but your profile isn't publicly available, so I can't find your blog! But thank you, and check out Lesley's blog for even better pictures of the battering ram incident. I believe all this happened BEFORE the security guard at the hotel informed us that this was even better than the White Stripes concerts of a few weeks back!

Marti said...

Love the battering ram photo!

lauragayle said...

I LOVE those t-shirts! And that battering ram photo too -- what a HOOT!

MonicaPDX said...

Of course had to come over from Stephanie's. Great post, great photos, and your t-shirts (and name) are a stroke of genius. Thanks!

Miss Me said...

great recap - did anyone get a photo of the security guard? he looked kind of scared... he must have heard of bamboo needles under the nails as a means of torture!

Jess said...

Great photos (well, minus the first one of me- I thought you said you were going to delete that).

ajdury said...

"Invisible Knitting" - made me snort loud and proud!

Great caption to that photo - you so funny . . . ;)