Thursday, November 22, 2007

Imagination meets reality...

Loughborough Station, October 2007

I just wanted to share this photo from our recent trip, for all those of you out there who doubted him. In the words of The Boy just before this picture was taken, "He's really really real!"

For those of you with small children--if you ever get an opportunity to spend "A Day Out With Thomas", it's worth every penny. Not much chance in Canada, although he does visit Ontario, Alberta and BC.


Jennifer said...

Holy cow! I brought up your blog, just as my son entered the room. He saw immediately and yelled, "THOMAS!!!", and dropped all the toys he was carrying. Nothing else was important. He was grinning from ear to ear. It must have been so fun to see the train in person (so to speak)!

Miss Me said...

wow! he's pretty impressive!!! i hadn't realized that you'd stopped by the island of sodor on your vacation. how very exciting. older son's first encounter with theodore is very much a treasured memory.