Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thank you...and more Thomas!

Thanks to the Ninja for the dyeing fun today. And thanks to the Ninja's husband for building a tree house that The Boy will be talking about forever. And thank you to Mr. Munchkin for letting The Boy play in the tree house. Thank you to Mrs. Happy for letting The Boy hold Henry all the way home (oh, and sorry about that coughing thing, I hope you didn't get too, uh, you know, splattered!).

I can't wait til my freshly dyed yarn is finished and I can take a photo!

And now, for the pleasure of a little boy who's mother is a knitter, more pictures of Thomas and friends. Enjoy!


FrozenExtremities said...

Those Thomas pics are outstanding, The Boy must have been over the moon!

The Ninja Knitter said...

It was a lot of fun - we'll have to do it again sometime soon! The roving turned out very nicely, I'll post pictures when my camera returns with Mr. Ninja. I can't wait to see how your yarn turned out!

morgan said...

do they do weddings???
(im not planning one btw)

fififolle said...

Great pics!!!