Monday, January 14, 2008

A meme, because I'm having a hard time with motivation...

I'm really not motivated to blog right now, so here's a meme for you all. Leave comments, remind me that people read this, maybe I'll feel motivated again (after I wash my newly completed orange Cat Bordhi socks and take their photo!). Anyway, I was tagged by fififolle. Here's the meme:

List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
Tag seven people to do the same.
Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. I iron even less than the person who tagged me claims she does.
2. I only wear handknit socks now, unless it's been a loooong time since we did laundry, and even then I might choose laundry-pile handknit socks over store-bought socks.
3. I was born in Dunfermline.
4. I'm still in touch with my very first best friend forever, we met on the first day of elementary school in 1976 (was it 1976 Fi? I'm getting old, my memory is going!).
5. I really enjoy watching Treehouse with The Boy, but don't tell House Man!
6. I hate mushrooms, avocado, and bananas for their texture. The flavour's not that bad, but I can't stand the texture.
7. I've only had my hair cut three times in the last 18 months. I really need to get it cut more often!

And in return I'm tagging the first seven people to read this, except of course Fiona. That's if seven people read this. If you do though, be honest, and play along! It'll really help my motivation and self esteem!


fififolle said...

Yes, *we* are getting old, but your are right, 1976. I think. :D
My socks are too fab, I have been meaning to take a photo and post on my LJ, I must do that soon. You were born in Dunfermline? Really? Hee! (Wish I had been!)
When did the Boy learn what an iron was? Has he even seen one? *This* is the true test! LOL

Alison said...

He didn't learn about irons from me. Although he just informed me that he saw Pingu's dad ironing once, so he does seem to know what an iron is for!

Miss Me said...

yup - i'm still out here reading you... the meme is on my lunchtime "to do list" for tomorrow. i'll share my freakish ironing habits, okay?

Cate said...

Oh Alison, not to make you feel old or anything, but you started elementary school the year before I was born. If it makes you feel any better though, I always thought you were the same age as me until you told me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

We don't iron either, unless it is absolutely necessary. We don't even have a decent ironing board (we use the old crappy one that was left here by the previous owners. Sad.)

I can't think of 7 interesting things...but I think I did something like that in my blog a long time ago (I think that's how word got out about my fist in mouth trick).

Lesley said...

Ah, now I have something to blog. Thanks!

Hope said...

I need to blog more often myself. I just don't feel motivated to take photos though. They never turn out they way I want them to. But I should post your little meme thing so that I can say I've blogged. :)

Maybe I just need a new camera to motivate me?