Friday, August 14, 2009

A pleasant surprise

Today we went to the spray pool on the Commons. I don't know why we've never visited it before, both Doodle and The Boy loved it. House Man dropped me off in a parking lot near the Commons, and took off to do groceries. As I left the car park and headed for the street, I came across this on a railing

Is it too geeky of me to say that I think my heart may actually have skipped a beat? I was way too excited by this. It's my first guerrilla knitting find! Knit graffiti! Looked like acrylic to me, blue and green. How exciting! I immediately grabbed my phone and took a photo, and then I tweeted about it. While it doesn't quite make up for the horror that was yesterday (broken glasses, sudden illness, overtired 6 year old, and seeing House Man getting out of a police car after being driven off the road on his motorcycle by someone who just didn't see him sitting there in the right hand lane-thank you to the lovely policeman who drove him home, BTW), it certainly made my day today!

And the spray pool you ask? Well, it was lots of fun.

Please excuse the quality of these photos, they were taken with my mobile.

1 comment:

fififolle said...

Blimey! Poor House Man. Hope he was okay!
Wow, I have never heard of knit-graffiti, that is AWESOME!!!
Those park pools can be brilliant *g*