Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's been a while

So last night as I wrangled a wide awake Doodle, it came to me that I had to blog. Literally, a voice told me to blog. Okay, I'm pretty sure she was only babbling, but it certainly sounded like she said "blog now". So I'm blogging. It's only been, what, 7 months or so since I last updated! So, what have I missed? Let's see.

North Carolina in September.

The Boy at the Battleship North Carolina. Doodle with her grandparents on the beach. House Man having a surfing lesson. A nice trip, but then North Carolina really is a nice place to be in September.

What else? Oh, that's right.

Doodle's first birthday. That's my girl, knows exactly what to do with a piece of cake, even though she'd never seen one before!

And what else? Hallowe'en maybe?

No, seriously, if you have a child small enough at Hallowe'en, you owe it yourself to cut some leg holes in a pumpkin. It's absolutely priceless. And you can borrow the little pumpkin hat from Ann!

So, where are we now? October? Then next would probably be Christmas.

Matching Christmas clothes from Granny and Grandpa. Notice Doodle's is too large, so we should get next Christmas out of it too!

And then came the snow.

So, that's things pretty much up to date. I left out all the icky stuff, like H1N1 (me and the kids), pinkeye (me and the kids), gastroenteritis (all of us) and assorted coughs, colds and fevers (all of us). And I did do some knitting too, although I haven't taken photos of that yet. Matching socks for Doodle and The Boy, and as soon as they get washed, I think they'll make a very cute photo!

The year did get off to a sad start, with the earthquake in Haiti in January. While these natural disasters occur around the world, there's something more real about them when they happen close to home. For those who don't know, we lived in Haiti from my grade 3 to grade 9 years, leaving the summer after the revolution overthrowing the Duvalier regime. Seeing this terrible thing unfold on television truly took me back to a time in my life that I take very much for granted, and made me realise how lucky I have been to spend time in a place as lovely but tragic as Haiti. Here's a photo from those days:

My sister, my dad, and my brother, in 1979 or 1980. This photo was taken from Boutiliers, looking down over Port Au Prince below.

Okay then. That's me for now. I'll post again, next time Doodle reminds me!


Helen Wright said...

Once you get out of the habit it is so hard to get back into it, isn't it?!? Everyday I think 'I should write'. By the end of the day I think 'shoot, I didn't write'.
Great pictures! I do miss the trips to Wilmi (so writing it that way to drive you crazy!). Haven't been there since the summer.
Next time...YOU do a surf lesson!!!

Hampers said...

nice blog with nice picture of cutie, enjoying the Christmas celebration. He looks so cute and adorable.

Knitting Out Loud said...

I wish I could have another baby, just so I could use the pumpkin idea!

fififolle said...

Aw! Great pics :) I have been missing your blogs! The human pumpkin is genius *g*