Sunday, July 16, 2006

Never swear in front of a three year old!

So we're all out in the garage helping to unpack the race car. The Boy loves the race car, as you can see from this photo taken at the track:

Anyway, he's pretending to drive, just like he is in the photo above. His Dad is at the back of the car examining his tyres--I guess it's time for new ones, but I don't want to talk about the cost of new racing tyres (they're street tyres, actually, but special street tyres just for racing. WTF???). Anyway, he's telling me something about them and the F word pops out. As in "Oh, that's another f***ing thing I noticed". Not loudly, not in temper, just conversationally. Well, NEVER swear in front of a three year old. No, never, not even in a whisper. The Boy heard it, yes he did. And calmly informed us that "That tyre is a f***ing ratbag Daddy. That's all f***ing stuff Daddy, f***ing ratbag stuff Daddy". He must have come up with fifteen variations on the words f***ing, ratbag and Daddy. Anyway, I know you're supposed to ignore kids when they swear, that's what the books all say, but it was so f***ing funny to hear this angelic child swearing, and he kept it up for so long with so much imagination, His Dad and I were nearly in tears trying not to laugh!

So, never swear in front of a three year old.


Lesley said...

Shouldn't swear in front of todds just learning to talk either...if you listen close when Grace falls down you'll hear a distinctive "Shit!" come out of her perfect little mouth. Remind me to tell you someday about one of my mentor's method of getting rid of the F word in a classroom she taught in.

Anonymous said...

F**king hell. I have a feeling that will happen to me someday. That's admirable that he used it in perfect context though.

The same thing happened to Heather at Dooce recently with the word "sh*t".

meegiemoo said...

ratbag? That's funnier than a barrel of monkeys.

Alison said...

The Boy has always managed to swear in perfect context--somebody cut me off driving to daycare when The Boy was about 2, and before I had a chance to say anything, this little voice pipes up from the back seat "jackass"!

desperate housewife said...

Last week my two year old sang, "Damn damn damn damn DAMN damn damn," to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
In front of his nanny.