Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I have uncounted numbers of these right now. I'm usually a one-on-the-needles-and-one-ready-to-go gal. Right now I have something like 5 or 6 on the needles, and another two or three ready to go. I seem to have lost all my direction and perseverance.

First we have these:

Socks for The Boy's Dad. Based on a pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, they have a p1 k3 p1 k1 rib. Yes, they're boring grey, but The Boy's Dad really isn't much of a one for fancy or coloured socks. Grey he wanted, grey he gets! Sock 1 is a great fit, so he's waiting patiently for sock 2!

Then there's this:

That's the beginning of the Flower Basket shawl. That's lace weight linen from Louet. I like it, and I like the pattern, but it's not something I can knit when I have any distractions. And, to be honest, I'm not often without distractions, what with The Boy and His Dad and The Cats and the TV. And it's NOT knitting I can take to work either, because it's pretty distracting there too!

Then this:

That's a skein of silk and linen from Tangled Skeins, bought with my birthday gift certificate from my lovely sister(she's single, I don't know why, anybody know a single man who likes big dogs? She comes with a rather large akita/malamute cross called Mikey who can eat 2 lbs or raisins at one sitting--ask me, if you're interested, and I'll tell you how raisins come out after a trip through an akita/malamute digestive tract). I don't know what this yarn is going to be yet, but it's desperate to be something. So desperate I spent valuable sock knitting time turning it into a ball (I have a ball winder, but I prefer to wind by hand with the nostepinne, it's something very soothing, and I'm striving to wind the perfect centre pull ball without a ball winder).

Then this:

Oh my. I had some sort of idea that I could design my own Boy sized Aran. See my colour coded running markers? I still think I can design my own Boy sized Aran, but there's so much other knitting calling my name! What's happened to me? I used to start one project and then, get this, work on the same project until I was finished.

And this:

It's 100 % merino from Tangled Skeins that's going to be the Waving Lace socks from Interweave Knits, some 2004 issue, don't remember which. The book underneath it, if you can read upside down, is Startled by His Furry Shorts by Louise Rennison. Yes, for those of you who know Angus (of Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Fame), Angus and Georgia are back and haven't changed one bit in book 7.

And these are just the ones I'm admitting to! The others are too embarassing to post pictures of (acrylic!).

Anyway, we spent all weekend moving furniture around and rearranging the house so that the computer is now on the main floor, and we have, get this, separate bedrooms for The Boy and His Parents! Yes, The Boy has packed his toddler bed and moved on to bigger and better rooms of his own. We rescued a room downstairs that was basically a pile of crap, ours and that left behind by the MIL, FIL, and BIL, when they all moved out before we moved in. My advice--if you move into a place that your in-laws have just vacated, make sure they take their junk with them as well as their good stuff, or you'll never be able to fit your own junk in cause you're starting off with a house full of their junk! And now that the computer is on the main floor, I might actually be a good little blogger and blog a little more often.

And now, because he's beautiful, here's The Boy!

Yes, he's learning to drive. That's his Auntie LaLa that he's trying to mow down. Don't worry, she got away. The jeep came from the side of the road on garbage day. We've painted it so that it's original owners won't recognize their trash being driven by my child.

And for obligatory cat content:

Yes, that's Angus, with stuff on him. Including The Boy, if you look closely. This might have been destined for Stuff on My Cat , but I think we can do better! Honestly, he's not normally that grumpy looking! See my to-be-read pile way in the background? That's why I like knitting that I can do while I read!


FrozenExtremities said...

Hand winding is very zen. Unless it's slick yarn. Then it's migraine-inducing.

meegiemoo said...

cute cat, cute kid, lovely UFOs.

Lesley said...

Good to see you posting I feel like a slacker!
Why do people throw great stuff out? Freecycle people!

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the hand winding too(I need to get a nostepin, right now I have a toilet paper roll).

I feel your pain with the knit polygamy. I can't commit lately, but am forcing myself into finishing the orangina toute suite.

Lace needs my absolute undivided attention too, and even then I screwup. Thank heavens for stitch markers (I should be using a life line too, but am living dangerously).