Saturday, August 16, 2008

Giveaways (and I mean free!)

I'm still decluttering*. I think it's actually redirected nesting (I'm too superstitious to do anything that could be considered nesting until baby's practically here. I'm still feeling uneasy about the baby knitting I've done...).

Anyway, I've found some knitting stuff to give away (it's not yarn, so no fear of moths!). I have the following:

a) 3 issues of Vogue Knitting--winter 99/00, winter 00/01, spring/summer 99. Oldies but goodies folks! All former library copies, but they seem to have all their pages. And two of them are even hardcover library editions.

b) Style Your Own Kids Knits by Kate Buller--simply choose a pattern and select a motif! It's new. Has lots of motifs if you're not into designing your own, and you don't need to put them on the basic patterns in the book--you can use whatever sweater pattern you prefer. Or put a motif on the back of a soaker or pair of longies or something.

c) The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting by Nicki Trench. Learn the rules of knitting and dating, including rule #2--Don't wear itchy fabrics on your first date (they recommend cashmere) and rule #3--Don't take your knitting on your first date (guys will want to feel that your attention is on them). Also new. Okay, it's pretty trendy, but there are some nice (albeit trendy) patterns in it. This one would be a nice gift if you know a teen knitter, actually.

d) Knitting in America by Melanie Falick. It's an ex-library copy, so not new, but also not missing any pages.

e) A Year of Afghans book 2 from Leisure Arts--I just have to face it, I'm not an afghan knitter (or crocheter). New.

g) The Book of Knitting: from beginner to expert, the best knitting book for you. A nice beginner book, older, so pre-trendy knitting revival. New (well, it was new, a while ago! I guess I should say "original owner").

h) Ready Set Knit by Sasha Kagan--again, library discard but no pages missing. Little bit trendy, but not too bad.

i) Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting--another library discard not missing any pages. According to the cover it has 150 stitch patterns and 22 projects. Again, a Leisure Arts publication.

If anybody wants any of these, let me know, I'll bring them to KOL or we can make other arrangements.

And finally:

j) Loads and loads (and I mean hundreds) of other books on everything you could possibly think of from fiction to history to parenting to motorsports to whatever (you name it, there's probably something about it in there). If anyone wants to come and have a look, let me know. They're probably going to end up on freecycle eventually. As will the knitting books if nobody here wants them.

*Funny thing: my spell check doesn't like decluttering. Suggested options? Cluttering, spluttering, fluttering, and muttering. How does it know? I'm doing all of those things as I try to declutter!


Cate said...

Hi Alison, I'm interested in the
Style Your Own Kids Knits by Kate Buller.
Good luck with your decluttering.

Alison said...

It's yours. Want me to bring it to KOL on Tuesday, or get it some other way?

Cali said...

Any baby knit books or just baby info books would be great. I also am big into collecting classic books, so if you have any of those, I would really be interested.

I hope your decluttering goes well :)

Alison said...

I don't have any baby knits. There might be some parenting stuff, I'll look, and there might be some classics too, I'll look for those as well!

Cali said...

The mother of all baby books sounds great! Thanks :)

Valerie said...

Hey Alison- Has anyone claimed Knitting in America? That one's come home with me from the library a couple of times.

Alison said...

Funny story Val. I thought of you when I put the pile of books out for the Freecycler who is going to pick them up today, and had decided to keep Knitting in America and offer it to you on Tuesday. So it's yours.

Valerie said...

aw, thanks!

fififolle said...

You forgot the single mitten *g* That was very funny, sorry! Hope you are all well, and you sound very organised!

Alison said...

Ha! Fi, you need to come over here and see this place. Organised it isn't. I'm not sure where we're actually going to put another baby, never mind the clothes and all the stuff that we'll need to get back from Mum's loft to put out for the baby.