Friday, August 08, 2008

Single handedly...

Today while playing in the stash (officially, I'm moth hunting, but, well, it's yarn stash, so there's a certain amount of playing going on) I found a mitten. I only ever made the first one. It's a convertible mitten--a glove with cut off fingers underneath, with a big flap to turn it into a mitten on top. The problem you ask? I don't have any more of that yarn, I don't know what size I made, I can't find the pattern anyway, and everyone in the family has two hands.

And yesterday, House Man found yarn in the freezer. He thinks it's the pregnancy hormones, and that I'm now officially a crazy hormonal pregnant woman. Hasn't he been listening to anything I've said about moths?


Miss Me said...

sadly - probably not... mr. me has no interest in moth prevention in "the stash". his suits? well then it's a different story! go with the pregnancy hormone thing... use it as an excuse to buy more yarn, too!

Lesley said...

I'm guessing that no, House Man is not listening. I imagine that I could have an entire conversation about moth-removal from stash, including why freezing the yarn is good, and Phil would still go "WTF is the yarn doing in the freezer?"

Because men don't really pay attention, they only pretend to.

As for the's not the one from Stitch n Bitch Nation, is it?

Alison said...

Miss me, thanks for the enabling attempt, but I'm still not buying yarn (I fell off the wagon briefly at the Tangled Skeins anniversary sale, but I'm back on now!). Besides, I have cloth diapers to buy!

Lesley, no, it's from one of those little booklets you buy at Zellers, I think maybe from Patons? It may be kicking around somewhere, but I don't have anymore of that yarn anyway--it was one of the first things I ever knit for House Man, way back when we were young and in love, and I never made the second one! Does that mean our relationship is doomed, do you think?