Friday, December 15, 2006

Once more with feeling (and rule-following)

Year in Review the Alternate Version

Please note: I've just reread Moe's instructions. I didn't grab the first sentence, I summarized in as few words as possible. I'm going to post the alternate version below, done properly, and we'll see which one is most entertaining!

January 2006
It seems that blogging your knitting is now a cool thing to do.
(yes, I jump on the bandwagon...)

February 2006
I didn't blog, so this one doesn't change!

March 2006
Okay, acrylic has a bad rap sometimes.
(see, I'm raving about acrylic)

April 2006
I'm bamboo, what are you?
(that's not really the first line, I just had a cut and paste what sort of knitting needle are you thingy, so that's the subject heading that I gave it...)

May 2006
There's the ghetto Malabrigo sweater
(yes, that's the one that shrank!)

June 2006
Hooray! I got a 2 year subscription to Interweave Knits for my birthday!

July 2006
Yes, it's another UFO.
(that's from before the swearing, the race car, and the "restructuring")

August 2006
Okay, I have successfully recharged rechargeable batteries (wouldn't think it was that hard, would you?)
(see, the sympathy yarn was more important, but it came later...)

September 2006
Yes, North Carolina is gorgeous at this time of year.
(that's from before things got a little tense! Oh, and before I fell in love...with cashmere goats!)

October 2006
Actually, I'm quite torn up about missing Debbie Bliss.
(this is where I show cute pictures of The Boy on his first Halloween in a Debbie Bliss pattern teddy bear all in one outfit. Yes, he was so cute that Morgan's comment consisted of three words "I want babies". So I referred her to the July swearing entry!)

November 2006
Not bad...for someone who has only been Canadian since 1991!
(turns out I'm 99% Canuck)

December 2006
The perfect toy...Well, not really
(yup, decapitated horses!)


Lynne said...

Hey, completing the cycle is a darn fine way to end the year. :P

morgan said...

i guess i talk about wanting babies a lot-a friend just gave me a handy illustrated book about where they come from (featuring some very randy puppies and chickens-not together) in case a misunderstanding was the reason i that havnt done something about getting my own.