Friday, December 29, 2006

Other People's FOs

I made it to my old weekday morning knitting group on Thursday. In fact, we had a mini reunion, with me there, and an old member visiting from out of town (out of country even!). The kids were wonderful. The Boy is still talking about the great time he had playing with Cam's pirate ships! Anyway, someone finished this while we were there:

Yes, that's Catherine's foot wearing her first ever sock. I know, it looks really good doesn't it? I almost hate to break it to you, but that's acrylic self striping sock yarn!

And then there was this, the piece de resistance:

Okay, here's the story. This baby's mama really loves her. Not only did she knit her a beautiful hat out of lovely merino, but it's handspun. Yes, Mama spun the yarn for her baby's lovely hat herself. If that isn't love, I don't know what is! By the way, Mama R., the baby is a pretty darn cute FO as well! Welcome back, and we miss you when you're gone!

By the way Steph, the Thursday morning group is at Mrs. Yes's place. Rose and the baby were there--he's growing like a weed. They were wondering why Henry hasn't been round to visit recently?

Here's mine, just cause.

That's The Boy on the right, and The Cousin (on his Dad's side) on the left. I don't know what the hands are all about--I said "Say Cheese" and that's what they both did! Don't they look cute?


Lesley said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Steph said...

henry's lawyer has advised him to refrain from commenting until the DNA results are in.

Henry is currently researching countries that offer political asylum.

I think he might be better off in another kind of asylum.

Anonymous said...

Steph is funny.

Love the little baby toque!

Cate said...

Hey cool, my sock is immortal :) I'm glad you like it. I know Leslie, I really should start a blog... it's on my todo list...