Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well, if everyone else is doing it....

Thanks to Moe for this one!

Please note: I've just reread Moe's instructions. I didn't grab the first sentence, I summarized in as few words as possible. I'm going to post the alternate version ina new post, done properly, and we'll see which one is most entertaining!

Year in review:

January 2006
I jump on the bandwagon with my first blog post ever.

February 2006

I didn't blog. Not once.

March 2006
I rave about acrylic.

April 2006
It seems I am bamboo--warm, cozy, and thoughtful.

May 2006
I share my grief at a horrific felting accident.

June 2006

July 2006
UFOs, socks, more UFOs, and the dangers of swearing in front of three year olds. Oh yeah, someone gets "restructured", there's a race car involved, and I post my first and only cat photo.

August 2006
I post some FOs, and the Ninja gives me sympathy yarn.

September 2006
Cashmere goats. I want them.

October 2006
I reminisce about when The Boy was tiny and cute. Yes, that's the same Boy swearing in July's posts.

November 2006
Someone finds a job, and I learn never to look gift yarn in the mouth.

December 2006
Decapitated horses.

Funny how things ended up back where they started. I jumped on the bandwagon in January by blogging, and then I jump on it again now with this "Year in Review"!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it kind of wraps the year up in nice little package.

I'm still laughing at the Boy swearing...

Lynne said...

Hey, if all your friends jumped off a bridge.....

*&$%ing squirrels :P

Alison said...

Lynne, I'm right there jumping off the bridge. Although I do draw the line at lewd acts with squirrels.