Monday, March 05, 2007

The Boy Names His Dad

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will be aware that I don't have a name for The Boy's Dad, at least, not a nice catchy one like Mr. Happy or Mr. Yes. Well, tonight in the kitchen The Boy finally came up with His Dad's new name. I'll set the scene:

The Boy, His Dad and me, in the kitchen, the adults clearing the table while The Boy helps himself to a plum (this is after he stands on a chair in front of the open freezer for 5 minutes to make sure that there really isn't any ice cream lurking there anywhere).

Me: So, The Boy's Dad, are you going to take care of that police thing (more on that later!) tonight then?

The Boy's Dad (TBD): Yeah, I think so, I just need to take the paper and the other paper in and show it to the commissionaire, the cop said they're open 24 hours for that sort of thing.

Me: Really, 24 hours? (to the boy) Let's get you a plate for that plum before you drip all over the floor.

TBD: I'll get it, I'm closer.

The Boy: Yes Mummy, your House Man will take care of it.

Me: My what???

The Boy:
Your House Man, he will take care of it for you, he will take care of everything for you.

The House Man:

Yes, while some of you may have Mr. Ninja or Mr. Moe or Mr. Geek, I have House Man, and it seems that "he will take care of everything".

And a piece of advice. If your car insurance sends you new insurance papers, get them out to your car right away. If you get pulled over, and you only have the ones that expired yesterday, Mr. Policeman will tell you that it's $1250 and two years without your license, before he takes pity and tells you that you actually have until May 20th to take the new insurance papers (the ones that your House Man forgot to take to the car in the first place, since it's not like you ever get to drive the car anymore) to the police station to prove you're insured. And then it will only cost you $10. Oh well, at least now that I never get to drive the car anymore, my chances of being the one pulled over are greatly reduced! House Man isn't best pleased with himself today!


Miss Me said...

Uhm - SNAP!? It's not quite so expensive here in NB, and you don't loose your license, but I paid a fine today for *someone* (not me!) who was pulled over for driving too fast... He wasn't fined for that, but failure to produce insurance documents cost me $168. Where did they go? Who the heck knows - the last time they were seen was the last time he was pulled over! The registration was missing, too. I mean, really, how often do you actually go looking for those things? Answer: Only when Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms Officer asks...

Steph said...
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Steph said...

You've got a House Man? I am sooo green with envy. I think I need a House Man as Mr. Happy seems to have forgotten that he too, can do everything.

Alison said...

Steph, I THINK that he actually meant husband (which I don't, technically have!), but what he said was House Man, which, when you think about it, is way funnier!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mr Moe feels like the house man most of the time around here.

OK - I will be taking the insurance papers to the car today. We are terrible at remembering that stuff.

Hey - nice sweater FO! Very funky.

Cate said...

Wow, that's scary... Mr. No Sheep drove for months without his in the car. He was convinced they were there, until I found them last weekend while cleaning, and quite literally hit him over the head with them, and told him to get them in the car NOW! I will have to make him read your blog.
Oh, and love teh House Man thing... deffinatly wish I had one of those...

jak said...

House man vs. Husband. I like House Man!!

You go little man!

You know, 'the boy' is never going to live that down?

Lesley said...


House Man...I love it!

$10 is a lot better than the $1250 that my ex got saddled with when we found out that not only had the papers in the car expired...but his mom just did not bother to renew them, therefore he got stuck with the fine and had a really hard time getting insured afterwards. Ha Ha I say to them. Ha ha.

(And it's not really 2 years without your license, you get it back when the fine is paid, even if that's within the 2 years, or well past it. Mr Yes just paid off his fine and got his license back in the fall, he lost the it for no insurance about 8 years ago)

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