Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sad days...

We are missing Henry here. The last few days of his visit were such a whirlwind of activity, and The Boy misses him immensely. After Henry's adventures at the go kart track, then at daycare, he spent a quiet day at Granny and Grandad's with The Boy. Nobody got into trouble, and nobody was chewed by the dogs.That evening we went shopping

The next morning we went out for brunch. Henry really seems to like his caffeine!

After brunch, we went out to Pete's where Henry fondled the produce. I'm afraid that was probably House Man's influence.

And on the way home, everyone was so tired after getting up an hour early for the time change, that some people (and monsters) decided to take a nap:

In fact, they were so tired that they slept all the way home and then some!

On Monday Henry went back to daycare--he'd been so well behaved there, hiding in The Boy's backpack and only coming out for naptime, it seemed like the best place for him!

Tuesday was Pirate Day. House Man and The Boy went to the Martitime Museum of the Atlantic. It looks like they had a wonderful day checking out the displays

playing with boats

and dressing up

That's Cap'n Henry Hook to you!

Of course, no day out would be complete without a stop at Tim's

Tuesday night Henry had his Last Supper with The Boy

and then went to KOL and was reunited with Rose and Junior. I believe that Henry went home to the Happy household, and that Rose and Junior went home with Mrs. Yes. But the rate those knitted monsters get around, I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up somewhere else...

Oh, I completely forgot! On Sunday we took Henry shopping at Junk and Foibles. Henry had great fun checking out the pins

and the ties.


Cate said...

Sounds like Henry had a great time... Mr. No Sheep, and My Sweet Girl are anxious to get our turn to visit with Henry, Rose and Jr.
Looks like Mr. No Sheep fixed the computers issues, I can comment again, yay!

Steph said...

Henry was accosted by Pippin today. Since then he's been whining about how much nicer Alison's cats were to him.

There's been so much whining, that I'm about ready to send him back to you.

jak said...

I think Henry has more of a life than I do... I think that's bad... I wanna hang out with you guys!