Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 2--Thursday

Shortly before bedtime on Wednesday night, I caught Henry trying out The Boy's driving wheel.

At the time I thought "Oh, that's so cute!". However, while reading bedtime stories Wednesday night, Henry somehow managed to convince House Man that it was "Take the Visiting Small Green Monster To Work Day" on Thursday. I must say, I had my misgivings. For those of you who don't know, House Man works at an indoor gokart track. Now can you see why I was worried? After catching Henry practicing his driving the night before? However, House Man was determined, and The Boy thought it would be a good idea as well, so after dropping The Boy at daycare, and me at work, House Man and Henry headed for the track.

To start with, Henry helped out with cash

However, he soon realised that he didn't actually get to keep all the money that people were handing over, and decided he'd like to try out the merchandise. For his work at cash, he was awarded a lifetime membership and given some refreshments.

I know, I know, it wouldn't have been my first choice for Henry, the whole idea of a highly caffeinated small green monster at a go kart track..I don't even want to go there, but it was beyond my control!

Anyway, this track is a very hygienic establishment, so getting Henry ready for a drive involved his hairnet

and then his helmet.

Henry's first lap went quite well.

But then he gained some confidence and got a little cocky.

Luckily, that's what the tyres are there for anyway. Things went a little better after that, and ended on a high note.

Henry was happy.

The staff were happy.

The customers were happy.

However, I really didn't think I could handle another day of Henry-induced anxiety, so on Friday he went to daycare. After all, they're professionals trained in coping with little monsters, aren't they?

How much trouble could the little darlings get in to anyway?

Yes, The Boy is wearing a bathrobe. It turns out that Friday was actually Bedhead Day at daycare. On Friday night, The Boy (and Henry!) went for a sleepover at Granny and Grandad's. As far as I'm aware, a good time was had by all. Tomorrow, I think we might all go out for brunch.

Steph, you might want to hide the car keys before Henry comes home...


Cate said...

Sounds like Henry is having lots of fun. Poor Rose, home all alone with the kid.
My Sweet Girl thought that the helmet was a rocket ship.

Lesley said...

OMG...You let him go to daycare?? I feel for those poor teachers!

Anonymous said...

So, you roped House Man in on the blogging action...well done.

Steph said...

Many thanks to the House Man and the staff at Kartbahn! I'm so glad he had a good time. I wonder if Henry's creator could use that pass? Hmmmm...

I hope Henry didn't pee in that sandbox! He was litter trained before he was toilet trained.

I almost wish he had gone to NB with us, especially after the driving lessons - we could have used another driver on Friday night. That 5.5 hour drive after a full day at the office is kinda hard!

themikestand said...

Awesome photoessay.

Also, EVERY day is bed-head day at daycare. Didn't you see the newsletter?

Alison said...

I don't know Steph, they don't have nice bouncy tyre barriers along the roadside, Henry may not have been your best choice of co-driver. I'm sorry he didn't get to say goodbye to Albert though.