Sunday, March 25, 2007

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All answers must start with your first initial.

Your Name: Alison
Famous Music artist/group: Aha
3 letter word: ark
Color: azure
Gift/present: alcohol
Vehicle: aveo
TV Show: Antiques Roadshow
Country: Antigua
Boy's Name: Andrew
Girl's Name:Ailsa
Alcoholic drink: Ardmore (another scotch)
Occupation: architect
Flower: Amaryllis
Celebrity: Avril Lavigne
Food: avocado
Something found in a kitchen: ants
Reason for Being Late: The Boy (his real name starts with A)
Something You Shout: Argh!

KOLers, consider yourselves tagged again!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sad days...

We are missing Henry here. The last few days of his visit were such a whirlwind of activity, and The Boy misses him immensely. After Henry's adventures at the go kart track, then at daycare, he spent a quiet day at Granny and Grandad's with The Boy. Nobody got into trouble, and nobody was chewed by the dogs.That evening we went shopping

The next morning we went out for brunch. Henry really seems to like his caffeine!

After brunch, we went out to Pete's where Henry fondled the produce. I'm afraid that was probably House Man's influence.

And on the way home, everyone was so tired after getting up an hour early for the time change, that some people (and monsters) decided to take a nap:

In fact, they were so tired that they slept all the way home and then some!

On Monday Henry went back to daycare--he'd been so well behaved there, hiding in The Boy's backpack and only coming out for naptime, it seemed like the best place for him!

Tuesday was Pirate Day. House Man and The Boy went to the Martitime Museum of the Atlantic. It looks like they had a wonderful day checking out the displays

playing with boats

and dressing up

That's Cap'n Henry Hook to you!

Of course, no day out would be complete without a stop at Tim's

Tuesday night Henry had his Last Supper with The Boy

and then went to KOL and was reunited with Rose and Junior. I believe that Henry went home to the Happy household, and that Rose and Junior went home with Mrs. Yes. But the rate those knitted monsters get around, I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up somewhere else...

Oh, I completely forgot! On Sunday we took Henry shopping at Junk and Foibles. Henry had great fun checking out the pins

and the ties.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 2--Thursday

Shortly before bedtime on Wednesday night, I caught Henry trying out The Boy's driving wheel.

At the time I thought "Oh, that's so cute!". However, while reading bedtime stories Wednesday night, Henry somehow managed to convince House Man that it was "Take the Visiting Small Green Monster To Work Day" on Thursday. I must say, I had my misgivings. For those of you who don't know, House Man works at an indoor gokart track. Now can you see why I was worried? After catching Henry practicing his driving the night before? However, House Man was determined, and The Boy thought it would be a good idea as well, so after dropping The Boy at daycare, and me at work, House Man and Henry headed for the track.

To start with, Henry helped out with cash

However, he soon realised that he didn't actually get to keep all the money that people were handing over, and decided he'd like to try out the merchandise. For his work at cash, he was awarded a lifetime membership and given some refreshments.

I know, I know, it wouldn't have been my first choice for Henry, the whole idea of a highly caffeinated small green monster at a go kart track..I don't even want to go there, but it was beyond my control!

Anyway, this track is a very hygienic establishment, so getting Henry ready for a drive involved his hairnet

and then his helmet.

Henry's first lap went quite well.

But then he gained some confidence and got a little cocky.

Luckily, that's what the tyres are there for anyway. Things went a little better after that, and ended on a high note.

Henry was happy.

The staff were happy.

The customers were happy.

However, I really didn't think I could handle another day of Henry-induced anxiety, so on Friday he went to daycare. After all, they're professionals trained in coping with little monsters, aren't they?

How much trouble could the little darlings get in to anyway?

Yes, The Boy is wearing a bathrobe. It turns out that Friday was actually Bedhead Day at daycare. On Friday night, The Boy (and Henry!) went for a sleepover at Granny and Grandad's. As far as I'm aware, a good time was had by all. Tomorrow, I think we might all go out for brunch.

Steph, you might want to hide the car keys before Henry comes home...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 1

Well, Henry came home with me on Tuesday night. When we got home, The Boy was already asleep, and House Man was watching TV. I decided to introduce Henry slowly, the way you would any new member of the family. First, he met Angus.

That went remarkably well, but Angus is pretty easygoing all around anyway. I was a little more worried about Kitty.

But that didn't go too badly either. Wednesday morning, The Boy was absolutely delighted to find Henry at our house. The Boy has been following Henry's adventures on the internet since the beginning, so he recognized him instantly!

Henry begged to come to work with me on Wednesday. Since I have the great good luck to work in a place full of small monsters anyway (some people call them children), it seemed like a good idea at the time. I had forgotten, however, that Wednesday is Shake Rattle and Read at the library. Henry, it seems, had heard Mrs. Happy gush about her fond memories of Shake Rattle and Read. He was a little impatient for the show to start...

...and was first in line after waiting from 9:00 am on. Needless to say, he made himself quite at home.

That's Henry in the best seat in the house. He doesn't know it, but that's Papa Bear's chair. Luckily, the Three Bears were out for a walk at the time!

Henry, of course, couldn't just sit quietly. No, he had to be the star of the show.

Luckily, Cindy didn't mind sharing the stage with a small green monster! I didn't take any photos of them, but there were more than 80 people sitting in that audience watching Cindy and Henry. He's certainly not afraid of crowds!

After the show, Henry decided to treat my friend Jean and I to lunch. We found ourselves at Ducky's on the Waterfront. I had the soup and sandwich special, Jean had the vegetarian pita pizza. Henry couldn't decide, so he just helped himself to some from each of our plates. He's a real charmer!

While desert looked good, we decided against it (I think Henry might be watching his figure!) Henry insisted on paying the bill...

Henry's treat! Mrs. Happy, I was thinking about this--have you checked your wallet lately?

After lunch, I really had to get some work done. Henry decided to help out.

As you can see, while Cindy was busy on the phone, Henry decided to help out some patrons. I'm not sure, but I think he did an okay job. I did hear a young man leaving with his mother saying "Did you know that the first person to walk on the moon was a knitted blue monster? That's why he said one small step for man, cause he only had tiny little legs!". But I'm sure that was just coincidence...

Anyway, after we got home that night, Henry and The Boy played with trains for a bit. Mrs. Happy, did you know Henry was a big Thomas fan?

After that, it was time for a story and then bed.

I swear, I did wash The Boy's face. That's really a Thomas the Tank Engine tattoo on his cheek!

We all slept well last night! I'll post later about Henry's adventures from today (Thursday). I'm warning everyone, be very, very afraid. Henry managed to pick up some new skills today, and the world is a little less safe than it was before...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So, last night at KOL....

New Moe photos added at the bottom...

Moe had a little tantrum when she arrived late and there were no seats left...

However, she cheered up immensely when Mrs. Happy showed us her latest yarn score...

In other news, Henry came home with me last night. He's currently attending Shake Rattle and Read, where he seems to be stealing the show. Pictures to follow!

Moe announcing her candidacy for President:

Moe with Mrs. Happy and Mrs. Extremities:

That was just before the pouty session when Moe and Mrs. FE realised that the guy taking up the entire couch by himself wasn't going to give it up so that Moe could have a seat.

Mrs. Once More showing her support for Moe's candidacy:

Yes, a good time was had by all.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Boy Names His Dad

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will be aware that I don't have a name for The Boy's Dad, at least, not a nice catchy one like Mr. Happy or Mr. Yes. Well, tonight in the kitchen The Boy finally came up with His Dad's new name. I'll set the scene:

The Boy, His Dad and me, in the kitchen, the adults clearing the table while The Boy helps himself to a plum (this is after he stands on a chair in front of the open freezer for 5 minutes to make sure that there really isn't any ice cream lurking there anywhere).

Me: So, The Boy's Dad, are you going to take care of that police thing (more on that later!) tonight then?

The Boy's Dad (TBD): Yeah, I think so, I just need to take the paper and the other paper in and show it to the commissionaire, the cop said they're open 24 hours for that sort of thing.

Me: Really, 24 hours? (to the boy) Let's get you a plate for that plum before you drip all over the floor.

TBD: I'll get it, I'm closer.

The Boy: Yes Mummy, your House Man will take care of it.

Me: My what???

The Boy:
Your House Man, he will take care of it for you, he will take care of everything for you.

The House Man:

Yes, while some of you may have Mr. Ninja or Mr. Moe or Mr. Geek, I have House Man, and it seems that "he will take care of everything".

And a piece of advice. If your car insurance sends you new insurance papers, get them out to your car right away. If you get pulled over, and you only have the ones that expired yesterday, Mr. Policeman will tell you that it's $1250 and two years without your license, before he takes pity and tells you that you actually have until May 20th to take the new insurance papers (the ones that your House Man forgot to take to the car in the first place, since it's not like you ever get to drive the car anymore) to the police station to prove you're insured. And then it will only cost you $10. Oh well, at least now that I never get to drive the car anymore, my chances of being the one pulled over are greatly reduced! House Man isn't best pleased with himself today!

An FO!

Yes, I did finally finish something. And this came from the long-time UFO pile. I started this at least six months ago. It's 100purewool from ebay. The pattern is from "Top Down For Toddlers", which I have to say is a great book. Please ignore the ends that I haven't woven in yet. And the missing button. I didn't say it was perfect, I just said it was done!